Wednesday August 2nd 2017

Research as related to mathematical interpretation through coding the application of gene engineering in augmented reality through programming the enhancement of government business and school entertainment platforms in relation to universal concepts
The coding relationship between mathematics and genetics cellular and molecular designations with reference to calculations of membrane and organelle composition movement and purpose as well as un methylation and methylation and placement of biomarkers composition of chromosomes and individual gene markers

Mathematical Relationships
1. Between genes and equations of placement in mapping and charting
2. Between placement of organelles their composition movement and usage
3. The purpose and intention behind removal of membrane and connections from blood cells haemoglobin white blood cells
4. Mathematics of (placements) of nucleus of electron (rotations) of proton (integrations)
5. Relationship between transfer and relocation turning on and off specific Epigenetic traits habits and transitions. (management)

Mathematics of Design

The math involved in the calculations of the efforts would be multifaceted first the Grovers Algorithm would be deployed along with that an algorithm for a search mechanism in coding the necessary attributes for discovery of trauma to the body as opposed to finding the body perhaps on a camera system or from a previous experience and express the homeostasis.

the math would also seek to encompass the patient with a hologram that develops into life suspension and support inducing analgesics and anaesthetics when needed microscopically reading where inflammation is being formed and by other criteria also adjusting to pain.

the device would advise when it is safe to move the patient.

Mathematics 2017 Fields Institute

Geometric representation theory seminar Aaron Fenyes
The adaptation of a pool table extended in this case holographically with the added ideation that it could be compounded to formulate a polygon or multi sided shape we have the adaptation of teleportation along the newly acquired holographic edges which transport the billiard balls accordingly within the framework of the holographic and original table without overlaps.
So if the billiard table is for the sake of argument triangular the compounding shape would be a octagon hexagon or polygon due to placement and multiplication of the triangle. The overall aspect of the holographic allowing the computer itself to plot strategies for billiard ball interaction as well as strategy for game play the angles the distance and the force needed to complete the interaction are needed implementations in these instances.
In revealing that people have usually conversations around billiard tables it would not be uncommon for military rank to converse in a manner planning battle strategies discussing past experiences and working out plans for avoiding surprise attacks such as skirmishes and bombings
Again we see the billiards table put into view with the planned coordination of winning strategy the computer formulates a plan for determination of success the ball can be jumped by adhering pressure at a certain angle and allow it to land on another with force enough to complete an action. Corners are pockets so the trajectory stops
So if this can be changed to instead of a billiard table represent a holographic clock See research and the pockets representing captured moments in time or reconstructions moments where movement of the timepiece stands still theoretically we can construct a time machine based on angular movement faster than the speed of light.
Vectors point to Sectors or areas and circumstance within them Mapping quadrants actions of the operators in diagrams. Rotation being the rotation of the planet according to global events.
Video observed The mathematics of war.

IBM Watson computation

Grovers Algorithm and Hilbert Space can be used to

A Identify by search moving or immobile criteria

B Act as a Tractor Beam drawing in microscopic criteria

C Be used as a Teleporter moving criteria great distances

D Identity of a location or moment in time for reconstruction

E All of the above

Mathematical Search Mechanisms for Modern Day Time Travel

So in looking for a solution to formulation of quantum computing in IBM we have Grovers Algorithm or 4 card Monte along with that the mathematics for Hilbert Space the linear aspect of Grovers Algorithm placing the cards in continuous lines four at a time and finding the next correct sequence by identifying the queen as the identifier of criteria such as similar DNA and forming a path through to Hilbert Space identifying a moment in time.

Math January 4th 2017

Mathematical Constructs

Measurement of a hyperbola with the concentration of the forces or power in the time zone what separates the zones from each other in time and what forces are behind that collaboration globally.

So the distinct narrowing of the hyperbola focussing strengths and functionality condensing them into a workable utilization to be programmed holographically and distributed as a time change observation (TCO)

The mathematics behind the reasoning is the theory of the physics formula f=ma force equals mass times acceleration giving the force would equal the mass of the total weight /wait of the time zones times the acceleration

The concept utilizing Pi to encompass the circumference of the earth in measurement and taking the probability of the circle between two parabolas representing earth at the utmost placement for the concentration of forces is evident.

So the mathematics inclusive to relate to the factors in science which always foretell a change in direction or a measurement of a dimension by vectors and an accompaniment to that would be string theory.

More Math for 2017

The usage of Pi r squared for the measurement of the radius of the earth the usage of Hilbert Space for the singling out of specific areas of holographic in time the usage of fractal geometry to investigate and comply with concentrations of the time zone powers in condensed form,the overall effect of moving forward or backward in time.

The measurement of the circumference of the earth with respect to IBM Watson quantum engineering and the measurement by coverage of geometrical means of the infrastructure the nature and the geology and oceans of the planet from pole to pole.

The measurement of mathematically constructed wormholes with the effect of time reversal on light communication and the elements visualizing supramolecular structures DNA and cells to distinguish any meaningful changes or mutations.

The mathematical configurations of parallels to counting to infinity and the determination of longevity in compounds and composites that could relate in transition genetically to immortality medicine and anti aging.

The overall mathematical formulas with calculations done for individuals undergoing time changes their circadian rhythms and overall stress test the beneficial effects of sleep and changes in nutritional intake as well as stress free peace of mind.