Math January 4th 2017

Mathematical Constructs

Measurement of a hyperbola with the concentration of the forces or power in the time zone what separates the zones from each other in time and what forces are behind that collaboration globally.

So the distinct narrowing of the hyperbola focussing strengths and functionality condensing them into a workable utilization to be programmed holographically and distributed as a time change observation (TCO)

The mathematics behind the reasoning is the theory of the physics formula f=ma force equals mass times acceleration giving the force would equal the mass of the total weight /wait of the time zones times the acceleration

The concept utilizing Pi to encompass the circumference of the earth in measurement and taking the probability of the circle between two parabolas representing earth at the utmost placement for the concentration of forces is evident.

So the mathematics inclusive to relate to the factors in science which always foretell a change in direction or a measurement of a dimension by vectors and an accompaniment to that would be string theory.


More Math for 2017

The usage of Pi r squared for the measurement of the radius of the earth the usage of Hilbert Space for the singling out of specific areas of holographic in time the usage of fractal geometry to investigate and comply with concentrations of the time zone powers in condensed form,the overall effect of moving forward or backward in time.

The measurement of the circumference of the earth with respect to IBM Watson quantum engineering and the measurement by coverage of geometrical means of the infrastructure the nature and the geology and oceans of the planet from pole to pole.

The measurement of mathematically constructed wormholes with the effect of time reversal on light communication and the elements visualizing supramolecular structures DNA and cells to distinguish any meaningful changes or mutations.

The mathematical configurations of parallels to counting to infinity and the determination of longevity in compounds and composites that could relate in transition genetically to immortality medicine and anti aging.

The overall mathematical formulas with calculations done for individuals undergoing time changes their circadian rhythms and overall stress test the beneficial effects of sleep and changes in nutritional intake as well as stress free peace of mind.

Mathematics for 2017

The usage of Hilbert Space to determine positioning in freeze frame and suspended animation of slow motion instant replay mechanisms and angles of observation

The usage of showing correct sequences of actions as related to manifestations of traits in DNA preformance of body systems recovery injury and stamina as well as force in physics such as acceleration velocity fulcrum pivots levers and mass.

The usage of the mathematics involved in brain reactions reflex actions response and movement decision making and recall guidance and planning as well as successful out comes that are corresponding and therefore related.

The usage of the figures being intertwined with the calculations and stresses of predetermination predictability and forecasting as well as the physics determinates for televised broadcasting due to light and communication

The usage of the mathematics to combine with a computational neuroscience interface for the brain to heal and retain it plascisity recall cognition memory and function in the repair of concussion any brain injury and any disease disorder illness or dysfunction

Math for coding

How would you code or something like a specific type of cancer?
A. that is by code of standard procedure to combat the ailment first of all you may want to break down deep medical data into compartment such as DNA genetics be operon mathematical physics applied to dotmatrix and geometry Hilbert space 3D Cartesian mapping the graphical analysis biology of animation illustration of exact anatomy specifications for the detailed analysis of SQL listing organs listing body types listing circulatory veins arteries blood type organs organelles cells DNA RNA configurations genetics and epigenetics signalling pathways biomarkers and protein interactions as well as chemotherapy chemistry including formulas for antibodies antibiotics antigens and antitoxins Ruby
B.Radiation and electroencephalograms ultrasounds MRIs and functional analysis in physics and mathematics should be considered in Python regarding metastasis mutations malignancy tumours tumourigenesis and mutations in specifics to haematology and oncology and including transplants and all known cancer medicines cures treatments therapy and prevention. Git

Mathematics for HIV and Tuberculosis

The distinct notion that a disease trait can be tracked analyzed and call aligned with mathematical, addibility in the formation of dotmatrix graphs Coinciding with placement of positioning of nano medicine and viral tendencies of the disease trait be aspect of the circular positioning to correlate with The placement of anti-bodies and auto immune systems the placement of medications the placement of microscopic prerequisites is enableling be patient to heal the graphic organization of the points being allocated to multifaceted mechanisms which formulate the plans for dispersal of medicated states of nano medicine and of the aspect to treat be able to systematically at the various stages reducing the harmful intent of it’s viral tendencies every aspect of mutations malignancy tumourigenesis add tumors being regulated to formulate a plan for disposal from the body dissipation of the allocation of inflammation reducing genetics be applied to the aspect of anti-cancer anti AIDS and riddance of Tuberculosis in AIDS patients

Proposed Treatment of apoptosis

In view of the fact that the operon is functional and operable it has been suggested that three avenues be taken by Berkley legal Ashworth medicine
1that the signaling pathways be placed in the operon
2that the genetics be placed in the operon and
3that the epigenetic’s be placed in the operon
PS any other relevant application or combination that is acceptable by the operon may constitute a mutational change as well as in addition to those three possibilities results may be final
See variables document for regulation and details of attempts for applied sciences to function within the operon on a genetic and chemical engineering level

Natural organic inorganic synthetic chemical detergent homeopathic herbal supplemental vitamin mineral metallic elements proteins RNA DNA protons neutrons electrons nucleus quarks bacteria latent virus particles

On another note in regards to cancer research the operon is the function and component in which the genetic rolls are placed in sequence in order to proliferate a healthy response from a cell the operative status of tumor suppressor genes and oncogenes are evident in this Application there for the genetics for those genes to be switched on and off according to examples and appropriations of x-inactivation of epigenetic’s and the function of B cells T cells and the factor in ATP all denied access to metastasis ligament see metabolism mutations a tumourigenesis as well as the formation of tumors the application being the prevention of blood flow to the tumor stopping metastasis stopping tumor growth stopping be malignancy of Healthy cells tumourigenesis and the prevention of growth factor by monoclonal and single domain antibodies proliferated by means of the linkage in its own operon the deciding factor in which the genetics of the antibody is determined the placement of RNA factors necessary for the proliferation of single domain antibodies in the operon and with that the genetics to bond chemically attach to cells to retain their health and to combat tumourigenesis metabolism of the cancer malignancy metastasis and any tracked mutations that may occur with chemical bonds at the branches of the antibody that switch the tumour cell off and dissolve it rendering it inoperable.and bonding to the cell at the stem suitable for this type of genetic engineering in this case to combat liver cancer by pipettes.
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by garyskeete

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Correlation between one antibody and another possible interactions present and future complications due to latency potency and interaction sometimes lack of cohesion. the anticipated notions of cellular complacency as well as DNA RNA chromosomal and molecular structures of interaction on a microscopic scale the sequences instilled the damage repaired in the cause of restoration of inner capacity. the describing of a tendency to utilize natural organic chemical synthetic inorganic means to come to a conclusion by combining the aforementioned by using the primary function and creating a more compatible method of comparison compatibility and healing to create and to unify with the more intricate and versitile connections being made to justify and align possibilities in repair reconstruction and regeneration as well as sequencing and splicing. the combinations similarities correlations and distinguishing remarks and comments that build upon crucial relationships that correspond to healing and make the difficult not impossible to manage. The addition of protons electrons neutrons quarks etc that are in effect the modelling aspects of the exercise in respect of fire water earth wood wind and have alignment with cellular organisms as well as relevance to fats salts sugars protiensenzymes amino acids alleles etc in respect of golgi apparatus mitochondria lysosomes etc bacteria phages viruses -all microscopic criteria. Understanding the problem is the first steps towards the attempt at relieving the symptoms. The relationship between the knowedge agained and the focus generated by the visuals the application of the definitions and suggestions in the wording and the synthesis of those three along with the skills of a doctor/ surgeon can be assessed as needed in some cases and satisfactory and others

A collection of concepts for science and medicine

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Factors for non invasive medicine
Posted on August 8, 2014
by garyskeete

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Country medical field type of disease year title where found google yahoo video web address Brief herbal mineral pharmaceutical chemical elemental mathematics physics biological non invasive medicine The adaptation of using sonar of using magnetic resonance imaging for the magnetic waves to transfer from perhaps a computer or TV set within the visual spectrum of projection of radiological properties to permit surgeries of a noninvasive type two bodies watching the programs and indulging in computer usage The adaptation of adding the medical equipment spectrum to the visual adaptations of projection and of site and imagery the adaptation of utilizing programming to functionally project imagery as well as produce holographic sequences for surgeries that are of alignment types the correction of spinal column the readjustment of limbs the continuous flow circulation the adaptation of regulating heartbeat regulating digestion regulating ingestion regulating excretion and urination regulating respiratory systems rest Brain Systems and musculoskeletal adaptations the annotation of skin of the senses of the lymphatic system of the pituitary gland the allocation of in doctrine of endocrine system of cancer research in removing tumours preventing metastasis stopping malignancy supervising mutationsThe start of looking at the intrinsic an intregal models of precision that would be involved in the delegation of corresponding and correlating to the AIDS infection the HIV infection the corresponding attributes of reconfiguration resuscitation rejuvenation reconstruction repair restructuring realignment and sequencing the added notion of teleportation of substances such as organic and natural criteria within the microscopic means to create a quick scenario for the healing technique to take place within the body system according to immune response according to antigen-antibody interaction according to the actions of the sugars the phosphates of nitrogen ends the overall bases of DNA the genetic some biomarkers the corresponding outlook on the antiretroviral drugs and the adaptation of stem cell technology to fight in combat disease states to replace and repair integral part of self-assembly and structured scaffolds that repair microscopic entitiesNoninvasive surgeries the application of utilizing the newfound signs of teleportation with the removal and addition of objects criteria materials such as nanotechnology nano medicine molecular biology and components of microscopic criteria for the delegation of teleportation with the body and from the body of substances that create a holistic affect but create healing effect that can create within the body changes that occur when the bodies undergoing healing process the application of adjusting or simulating a response from the body a toxic cleaning a circulatory unclogging a patch or a student being applied the application of utilizing the body to stimulate or to ease didn’t stigmatize the neural network the nervous system the application of the blood brain barrier the approach to teleportation with in the body of substances that creates a correct scenario for and approach to bulimia to anorexia to eating disorders the application of utilizing the quick scenario for the approach to brain disorders brain dysfunction PTSD ADD application of Alzheimer’s of autism of organic brain syndrome look at a host of psychiatric disorders that can be utilized managed and controlled noninvasively the look at tumors within the brain and the body with the control system being the dissipation of the tumors the dissolve of the tumors be creation of The teleportation of microscopic nano medicine that biodegrade’s at certain stages and works within the body as a smart particle to create the creek scenario for the dissolve month of malignancies of tumors of metastasis the creation of control over mutations and the functioning level of mathematics Biology physics and chemistry precision in the relay of information and the process of the healing to take placeThe effect you will encounter in Pulse of epigenetic’s involved in sugars phosphates bases nitrogenous ends ATGC RNA transfer messenger proteins and the carbon sulfates the hydrogen bonds the safe messengers of transfer of information chemically signals within the framework of microscopic entities to formulate a plan for Safe evaluation and casework of managing cancerous lesions at various stages safe efficacy and dynamics of pharmacology with the effective herbal homeopathic and nutritionist supplemental intake along with vitamins and minerals the application of producing a healing healing effect within the immunology of the brain the immunology of the body the immunology of the noninfected cells around the area metastasis tumor or malignancy and to have dexterity and control conform in the correlation between the fundamentals of finding the correct genetic comparison to the mutation of the comparison of finding the genetic biomarker for the correct sequence of proteins involved in the overall aspect of change volatilityThe application of adding a teleportation device to the end of the printing element of a 3-D printer to transfer the notion of teleportation with in a given framework to a situated body within the framework of teleportation equipment chemicals atomic matter and needed framework for a place within the body matter the application of becoming more in tune with the healing effects of the ability to show the dexterity of the teleported chemicals atomic matter and substances microscopic criteria that involve itself in a holistic approach to healing and to the functional aspect of the printer to delegate matters in at surgical precision with programming allowing it to functionThe start of looking at the intrinsic an intregal models of precision that would be involved in the delegation of corresponding and correlating to the AIDS infection the HIV infection the corresponding attributes of reconfiguration resuscitation rejuvenation reconstruction repair restructuring realignment and sequencing the added notion of teleportation of substances such as organic and natural criteria within the microscopic means to create a quick scenario for the healing technique to take place within the body system according to immune response according to antigen-antibody interaction according to the actions of the sugars the phosphates of nitrogen ends the overall bases of DNA the genetic some biomarkers the corresponding outlook on the antiretroviral drugs and the adaptation of stem cell technology to fight in combat disease states to replace and repair integral part of self-assembly and structured scaffolds that repair microscopic entitiesStem cells a therapeutic effects of them are known worldwide with the delegation of the stem cell itself to translate into different cells of the body we have the integration of genetics involved in the stem cell the application of looking various entities within the body such as viruses how they interact with the stem cells to produce a desired effect the application of looking at the stem cells to translate the inflammation in the body to replace by scaffolds cells within the brain to replace by scaffolds cells within the body to show dexterity and compliance when it comes to the delegation of medication throughout the body to act as a carrier to act as a piggyback to act as a consolidating and it Jagle part of a catalyst like appearance that solves Chemistry within the body solves molecular biology problems with its dynamics and they DMAN at the genetics of beast themselves being examined to determine the fostering of teleportation within the 3-D printer within a realm of teleportation to the body through radiation therapy through MRIs that determine the outcome of cancer of AIDS of HIVLook at conceptual processes to do with lipid bilateral of certain types of structures to be built to be entered into the membrane of the cell the activation of ATP and ADP the provisions of glucose transport of proteins from the nucleus of the relationship to cancer cells through adaptation and connection to blood vessels the realization that the constituents of signals and communication given chemically and electrically at this point in the brain and contain within themselves structures of formulating properties for the construction of synapse spikes that can be measured at the application of dendrite activity with Purkinje fiber activity of the functioning of The overall aspect of gray matter within the Brain noninvasive surgery and the look at the application of holograms of scans to the brain that involved some form of visual identity as well as characteristics of internal mechanisms to permit the brain to function at a higher level with the adaptation being the detoxification of the gray matter the unclogging of the fibers Purkinje fibers and the circulation within the brain to permit better flow of blood better sign-ups connections better Dendrite activity better Purkinje fiber correlationA machine or medical equipment that will separate from the natural fruit or vegetable the protein the enzyme the microbial factor that creates the healing implementation for the food stuff to have a holistic affect on the body the application of the microscopic criteria is the digestive process that creates the healing scenario for the person when it Judges the foodstuffs herbal homeopathic by the vitamin or mineral supplement chemical that has clarity and understanding when it comes to the process of digestion by the circulation eigenfunction and brain function so medical equipment that will reduce the natural thought form and function to microscopic criteria powder form or gel form ordered solution for the criteria within that natural food to have form and function in the area of separation and the intrinsic control over function interaction and abilityThe utilization of antibodies antigens of scaffolds that are natural in design that have natural characteristics attached to them the scaffolds will be built to indicate and in for a change and microscopic design for the cells the membranes the bones the heart the organs the overall characteristics of the brain the overall scaffolds will be utilized internally to predict had to build to replace and to assimilate self-assembly and traits of self Regeneration reconstruction splicing rejuvenation reanimation the overall aspect of the synthetic scaffolds and the synthetic biology would be to mimic the natural cards events and the natural flow of enzymes fats lipids proteins bases nucleotides DNA RNA and transfer to be need information in the delivery of new drugs in the delivery of new techniques for treatment in the delivery of techniques to manipulate rotations life cycles in nano and molecular and the delivery of proper connotations for the adverse effects of disease within the framework of it’s environmental controls of the internal characteristics of the people themselves individually and personally within the given climate within a given area then a given country globallyThe distinct correlation between functioning level of robotics exoskeletons and functioning level of computer interface equipment for mind sensory delegation and functioning level of computer-assisted games virtual-reality and the functioning level of criteria for the integration of mind stabilizing criteria brain expansion games learning tools and memory allocation networks for the functioning level of people with Alzheimer’s PTSD ADD and a host of psychiatric disorders the causes them to be Faulty in their cognition the overall aspect of looking up the connections to it I artificial intelligence with the delegation of brain networks being analyzed and scrutinize the delegation of sign-ups activity neural activity Axons of the pathways for chemicals in the brain to react accordingly the overall aspect of looking at the mathematics involved in the calculations physics equations and formulas the chemical equations in the molecular biology involved in the brain connection to the body to reflex actions two motor reflects what a response add to the function level of speech sight hearing Touch think smell the overall aspect of looking at sensory response actions sensory response areas in the area of looking at a holistic approach to 3-D Graphing in a holographic environment such as a room delegated for displays of holographic The needed notion of collectively adding these attributes and synchronizing movements so that the patient has the best advantage when it comes to a healthy Outcome progress and the ultimate goal to heal and to have dexterity and use of the brain better than it was in previous yearsThe delegation of tasks due to the integration of geometry geometrical shapes figures in geometry such as triangles circles squares RX figures in geometry this is Waze also living with his bar charts such as pie charts figures in analysis data analysis various details of data analysis such as links with composition the adaptation of microscopic criteria in that composition the details of environment of temperature of elements involved a pharmacology of the containment of DNA RNA the nucleotides involved the bases the addition of amino acids the purpose of proteins the adaptation of antibodies and antigens the adaptation of looking at the bacterial content The adaptation of that bacterial content being utilized to formulate plans for genetic research for cellular capacity for the population to adhere to genetic protocol for healing techniques for the purpose of treatment for the purpose of finding cures for the purpose of overall management of Body Systems determination of noninvasive surgery for the collaboration of holographics teleportation at intrinsic control over what type of functioning the relay has between the body and the medical equipment being utilized the adaptation of scanning of that scanning becoming a treatment machineIs it possible to design within intrinsic means the solution the composition of matter in the body fluid batter the composition of which could support limbs that are regenerated in the lab from stem cells organs that are of regeneration medicine which can be transported over great distances over allotted time you to be supportive mechanisms within the fluids that create the correct scenario for the organs to thrive of the Limbs to be transferred within adequate time frames the supportive mechanism of the fluids will contain salt fats lipids sugars proteins and adhere to the protocol of having proper and set the nerve endings Purkinje fibers axons neurons dendrites to provide blood cells Red and white The electrical system of the body is sodium and hats Hydro electric system of ionic chemicals to the brain Emhardt the allocation of respiratory system with air being pumped with the allocation of a digestive system as well as a circulatory system a system of nerve endings a auditory and sensory system and the possibility of a communications system with the artificial atmosphere being accurate The look up artificial cloud formation look at the temperature control the functions of delivery of directional control of placement of details of consistency of particle placement of holographic infusion to medical machinery for visuals for bio imaging such a CT MRI tomography infusion and interpretation of imaging particles the application of Atoms and their intragenic format for the delegation of placing a man-made cloud over a building two in case the building in the cloud to apply holographic’s in a visuals format to apply CT scan holographically to x-ray holographically this is a technique for police to discover where people are in the building any hidden rooms or passageways where objects are hidden in the building also can be used in fields mountains valleys all over the globe to find and to direct it could be adapted portable format for equipment designated to design and make the cloud through a fogger Fog machine and a particle implementation of physics and quantum computing an x-ray cartography of holographic’s and the placement of it in the vehicle of choice such as the a hatchback a SUV a rig a sedan the application of utilizing the machinery to find items that are lost to discover where weapons are hidden or drugs are being smuggled or the application of portability to any site gives added boost to searches and location of evidenceLook at the world of nature through geometrical shapes who live near equations through 3-D graphic the conic mapping groove the relationship between triangulation and observations to look at circles radius circumference the graphing involved look at rectangles for what they can represent the look at squares the look of arcs of tangents to the line at the function of multidimensional multisided figures in geometry and the overall aspect of the configurations which follow in geometrical shape and design The application of the geometry of linear equations the figures in quantum mechanics the equations the formulas and algebra calculus and the overall aspect of fractional conformity ice circles to conform to the cloud making apparatus the concept of cloud formation meet icicles being the atomic cloud forming the circle around the house and the application of the particle assessment due to quantum mechanics being applied in that case around the cloud around the house about the mathematics the application of trying out new formulas The application of looking at the method of control over movement direction consistency actions are reactions and the flow of symmetry and reaction to environment the shock value of the stress value the overall aspect of interaction and response to measure and correlate be differences the needed values and to show the comparisons of interactions with the environment with nature and the corresponding addition of lifecycles lifespans and ecosystems within the given environmentThe idea of looking at the correlation between the functioning level of salts lipids fats triglycerides bases do click acids proteins phosphorus phosphate lipid Bilater reagents receptors Google’s transport Ion channels sodium DNA RNA and the exponential transfer by means of Linear algorithm my means of transfix sing the juxtaposition of points on a graphic line in 3-D comic mapping to be the new algorithm and the factors and that tors which accompany them the better components in brackets being interchanged to transfix transposing change the algorithm I’m there by the outcome of the positioning of the graphic location between the functioning levels of microscopic criteria the adaptations to mutations metastasis malignancy and tumors and the overall aspect of research and diseases their appropriate means of measurement for symptoms predispositions and epigenetic’s and the form and function of control systems over these areas for the juxtaposition of particles of holograms of nanotechnology nano medicine and it’s intrinsic form of intelligence to delegate dispose and self assemble by structure of scaffolds by particle diffusion at different stages having leverage over Elements and the positioning of details within the body to cure to heal to treat to form I prophylaxis and to oversee the development of new distributions of medicines homeopathic herbal vitamin enriched supplemental medicinal pharmaceutical and incremental alternate forms of medicine the 21st-centuryThe designation of noninvasive medicine I look at the theory of transplants blood circulation throughout the body replacement organs through teleportation scaffold buildings of self assembled molecules rapid regeneration tissue engineering a look at the designation of prevention of cancers through Regeneration prevention of diseases of mutations of malignancies the control over the metastasis the delegation of tumors of mutations malignancy the application of prevention of those criteria in rapid regeneration and self-assembly response the dissipation of unwanted organs and infected criteria within the body and the overall aspect of teleported substances to the body rapid regeneration of scaffold building self assembled molecules for organ and circulation transplants the adaptation of current responses in the delegation of radiography radiology and MRI technology calligraphy the adaptation of designated response to designs of internal mechanisms that can be determined by sonar by radio waves by topography by design of using with teleportation and the adaptation of creative measures when it comes to the noninvasive method of surgery for the future patient
The realization that the teleportation would involve chemistry would involve microscopic criteria of atomic measurement of nuclei are on of neutrons of Atoms of nuclei nucleus not in molecular constructs of Biology be teleportation in the physics quadrant of the matter involved in the quantum teleportation State the usage of photon imagery intrinsic measurement of delegating best microscopic scaffolds created by surgical glue and by the biomedical implantation by teleportation to create a quick scenario for south structure self-assembly and the adaptation of mechanisms for the adaptation of holographic tools such as robotic appendages and plasma guns issue engineering in a holographic format to coincide with the teleported substances and create the quick scenario as tools will be widely used in holographic’s to construct Bone repair heart tissue repair stomach lining remove tumors commit to brain surgery at that adapt to intestinal tract improves circulation improves respiration treat skin conditions from the inside and be able to treat fetuses in the womb teleportation and holo graphics able to view on a sonogram the mechanical expertise of a robotic surgeon with mathematical precision and proper interfaces make this conceptual equipment functional see previous postThe look at the Labroots configuration of Ashworth medicine lab routes for the delegation of anti-aging technologies and anti-aging medicines and the anti aging techniques to look at the configuration of the telomeres within the brain look at the aspect of the biological implications of anticancer research of the aspect of looking at the longevity and antiaging techniques to compensate for disease manifestations the look at the antiaging coinciding with treatments that will lessen to a degree the complications of disease manifestations and complications be look up the reversal process of diseases the reversal process due to anti-aging and longevity the reversal process due to The reducing of a person’s age biologically be reducing of the appearance of aging of the internal mechanisms do to aging through exercise shrew management of diet through various techniques in antiaging technique and antiaging therapies be look at the removal of wrinkles of blemishes of muscle tone of structures of organs being revitalized of rejuvenation of tissue of microscopic criteria within the body of blood blood transfusions of the heart muscle being utilized at its optimum of the delegation of digestion of the aspect of respiration breathing properly the aspect of sleep at night the aspect of nutrition changing of diet regulating fruits and vegetables determining the food groups determining mental framework positive good thinking meditation peace and tranquility less stress of the allocation of these measures to the aspect of looking at the transformation from one age set to a younger format or a more fit educated lifestyleThe determinants of health in the intrinsic method of calculating the proper contextual data for the superposition superimposed allocation of geometry I location of quantum physics quantum mechanics and the duration of mathematical calculation three equations through factors through factors through the linear algorithms when your algebra calculus relations of functions trigonometry and the quadratic equations be 3-D comic mapping as well as 3-D cartesian mapping and the allocation of the chemical equation as well as the chemical formula the chemical mapping of a cam sketch be coronation of molecules in biology the adaptation of neutrons protons and electrons The adaptation of looking at the properties of qubits looking at the allocation of quantum algebra and the adaptation of molecular mechanisms in structures of chemical equations built into models the adaptation of the combination of these elements to formulate a plan of action the delegation of prophylactics cures treatments and methodology as well as theory experimentation exact science and the allocation of clinical practice clinical research and clinical studies in vitro in vivoThe adaptation of looking at medicine from the standpoint of holographic inference holograms holographic projections and the instance that they can project within that well any instance of physical mental or graphical interface from the standpoint of looking at medicine from its different standpoint such as pharmacology anatomy physiology pathology illustration and graphic reality to microscopic projections analysis and overall statistics be approached to be analytic component should be to comprise of the statistical matter matter being tabulated the descriptions of details and applied scientifically to adapt to changes to show its form and function in the day-to-day application of showing how the science is being applied to conform to a healing technique to shawl the dexterity and detail in the approach to using the information to create the correct scenario for a healing technique to take place the application of looking at a statistic or a detail and applying that knowledge to mathematics or to physics biology or chemistry and to show the intrinsic approach to be delegation of matters to show the functionality of the equation for formula the approach to the situation should be in debt multifaceted and at times kept in the most simplistic form possible to adapt to changes to show the approachable method to show the methodology to adhere to policies of food intake vitamin intake mineral intake and supplemental intake to show the rest the exercise this sleep the good mental aspect of health the approach to good living and the environmental changes which are important in the aspect of health regulation and good functioning well I stress reduced day the positive aspect of looking at the function of the computerization of the hologram to show the approach to the functioning of the illustration and the functioning of the animation to show the overall aspect of the cooperation on a 3-D axis of a body system or an organ that has reduced itself to a disease state the adaptation of the animation the cleansing rejuvenate and the form and function of the appreciation of restructuring reconstruction and sequencing the repair of the overall system should be kept as a reminder to look at systems that seem to be drug resistant or to be resistant therapies to medicine add to have clarity when it comes to the processes that align themselves with gene therapy with protein coupling and the massive amount of DNA and RNA structuring, combining themselves with the application of biomarkers as well as the functioning level V appreciation that the overall aspect of regeneration and application to the computerized hologram would be to formulate a tool or a plan of noninvasive medicine for the buddy system to react to a noninvasive surgery and to have the precise allocation to pass the blood brain barrier to assimilate and recharge Purkinje fibers brain matter and to function at a level of sign-ups connection to show the correct Ion potential for the chemistry of the brain and to regulate matters of cerebellum and frontal lobe activity with the adaptation of the molecular structure of the brain the overall aspect of the level of the spikes in sign-ups connection be look at the graphical analysis to do with the process of producing that spike that brain activity the adaptation of the cleanliness and upward mobility be nobleness of thought the adaptation of a drug-free life existence versus a dependent and addicted one beatification of the overall aspect of functioning level of brain activity of the networks in the in the brain of the dependence and of the adaptation of nutrition diet sleep exercise mental health and the functioning level of the individual the realization that there can be in it’s most expected form a change in characteristics when it comes to the overall aspect of looking at foods that are causing such dependent such a salt sugars fats and some spices that can cause dependence that can cause cravings that can cause a loss of momentum or loss of consciousness the adaptation of look at caffeine at dependency on Glucose the adaptation of combining glucose or sugars with insulin and looking at the possibilities within the framework of the delivery of that system to a diabetic patient in the hopes of showing the proper form and realization that the combination of sugars and insulin have the correct correspondence to the body system as it would be individualized medicine and it’s delivered formatThe attempt at looking at the manipulation management added changing a from the disease state of previously untreatable diseases such as autism Alzheimer’s diabetes and like the adaptation of looking at the mathematical coronation the mathematical relationship between the diseases and the stipulations of the Calculations themselves looking at how the response is to the disease college is represented how is transferred and translated how the math is integrated and utilized to its full blown potential be adaptation of looking at the calibration and analysis of photonics for the delegation of brain management the adaptation of looking at the correlation between medical equipment the functioning level of perhaps mass spectroscopy and the delegation of nanotechnology with the hope of producing the correct form element and style to create a quick scenario for the healing process to take place within the body within the mind and the structure of the cells DNA and molecular structure with the newly adopted element of teleportation in the sciences the correct scenario for the adaptation of medical healing the correct scenario for the approach to methodology that is functioning and has overall dexterity with the hope of introducing the element of holographic influence of structured scaffolds of interaction of signaling communication and adaptations of chemistry with a purpose in mind of creating a healing process
Mathematical equations with the emphasis on the X and Y axis being three-dimensional and having the proper access to the equations as they are produced to formulate different plans of action The measurement of movement along different planes can be assessed by Minier motion vertical motion circular motion and by the adaptation of Möbius transformations as well String theory and calculated measurements such as Addition subtraction multiplication and division and with that the transformation of conics explains that determine not only the Pythagorean theorem but the translation from one area in the graph to another be it rotational parallel or transferred through quantum mechanics wave partial duality the other transfer measured by the movement through time from one area of space to another and the adaptation of formulas to measure that change in direction and change in particle movement and structure from one area to another the allotment by light particles move in that direction when moving from station states that holograms have the same adaptation when viewed from different angles and that particles move in wave links in way partial duality beatification of graphical analysis to produce the desired effect of a monitoring and investigative tool that can delegate whether or not a system in the body is in need of examination treatment sure preventative medicine or analysis the distinct notion that the mathematical precision in the decimal point calculations is precise measure to the point decisive in nature to calculate the The difference between healthy cells and diseased ones and the added measures needed to create a healthy outlook on life including the fact that patient may exercise have good sleep habits of good nutritional habits and have a positive mental outlook the adaptation of any predetermination of genetic malformation or a predispose disease is calculated on a person by person basis examining within that body within that framework all known existent characteristics that can contribute to a disease or virus state the examination of properties by mathematical calculation is message somatic display of not only mathematics but physics as well as biology chemistry as well as the calculations that are needed for the determination of factors which are displayed a mathematical format and explained in the English subtitles to show conformity the dexterity in the uniformity of the measurement of abstract and objective analyzing the movement and pressures created by different stresses such as the system of equations document whereas the mathematical formulations of all the stresses concurred by the different numerical formulas that represent movement in society and actions words and deeds systems of enjoyment and basic activities I formulated into different plans of action whereas the measurement numerically is taken of the different areas due to their movement their actions their energy bear possibilities there strenuous detail their observation whereas the notion of having those mathematical properties in society give us an added measurement of how stressful Or relaxing the day has been with regard to our inner organs are manifestations of emotions thought processes and the degree of fatigue that we feelIn vectors (03)(26) the relation could be number of people within a given environment adapting to certain types of behavioral changes within a microscopic means The function would give us the graph of the line involved with 03 and 26Calculus involved would measure changes in those mutations using the mathematics of calculus to determine when I mutation has taken place what type in their involvement mutation is taking and what types of changes the body is exhibiting due to limitation as limitation the algebra involved would determine problems of calculating not only points on a graph But multiplies out and determines the accuracy of the frequency the multiple tendencies of the enlargement of the mutation Geometry used would be too one For the triangulation effect to take place with the scanning of the area of the place of holographic material on the overall scope of medical expertise that can be taken within a given environment patterns of mathematical consistency with objects. Objects being observed with the details of the areas being precise and have a mathematical bearing Such as measurements such as mass celestials direction acceleration change in direction distance time velocity would be due to the physics calculations the physics of the experiment of the mechanization the chemistry of the of the management would be the formulation of chemical properties of matter due to self-assembly self-actualization self-realization and regeneration self replication of materials Organic synthetic metallic natural and inorganic chemicals for the formulation of medicines of DNA RNA of microscopic tendencies the criteria for the duration of the healing effect to take place triangulation being be concentrated effort to single out areas of concern for the application of the tendencies to have operational procedures take place within the given area of triangulation the application of the Pythagorean theorem of conic mapping of the. Of of the observed area for the management of autographic materials that would intercede and interject and interloper with patterns of biological imprints and supersedes the notion that an infection and disease or a virus could take place within that given areas due to the set of criteria given above the patient would have the best chance of recovery with the outcome being noninvasive as controlled in a manner that would exhibit control over tendencies such as mutations metastasis and spending infections as well as determining the health of individuals

What I meant by time teleportation is that you take a video or a picture a new construct a 3-D holographic view of it internally on specialized film that is induce of two 3-D structures you then construct a virtual reality interplay successfully analyzing and adapting realism into the picture with illustration art at a conformity to particle analysis you then have within that 3-D visualize structure of the other day mention which in part can perform and produce viable objects items things criteria add suitably farming horticulture fluids and the ability to transport items from one area of virtual reality to another in the reality that we exist this is a concept of mine It should be adapted to television camera video still life pictures from cameras to be placed on specialized biofilm to conduct and construct the criteria

1 The ability to process holographic images from virtual reality to reality and construct details of analysis and forecasting for model and prototype presentation

2 The ability through 3-D printing to examine in capture holographic images and processes from virtual reality to conform to the actual making of the object or material whether organic metallic natural synthetic or inorganic

3 The ability to pour water from virtual reality the ability to collect foodstuffs from virtual reality the ability to collect medicines from virtual reality the ability to collect material items from virtual reality from a three-piece construct of the picture with appropriate operon
For life extension from Palliative Care

1. Take the person mind and body that is in care and implement them into a Chamber of a virtual reality and holograms

2. With the technology involved make a copy of the persons characteristics their gestalt their brains their overall Bodily measurements to their specifications and enhancing where needed in considerations medically and in plastic surgery

3. When the person is on the verge of death or on their deathbed replace them into the chamber unsystematically transfer their essence of being their gestalt to the virtual reality/actual reality image which should automatically begin the sequence of self assembly regenerative biology clothing reproductive biology mitosis meiosis I do have similar characteristics to those of ATP are they did they add the constituents

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