Math January 4th 2017

Mathematical Constructs

Measurement of a hyperbola with the concentration of the forces or power in the time zone what separates the zones from each other in time and what forces are behind that collaboration globally.

So the distinct narrowing of the hyperbola focussing strengths and functionality condensing them into a workable utilization to be programmed holographically and distributed as a time change observation (TCO)

The mathematics behind the reasoning is the theory of the physics formula f=ma force equals mass times acceleration giving the force would equal the mass of the total weight /wait of the time zones times the acceleration

The concept utilizing Pi to encompass the circumference of the earth in measurement and taking the probability of the circle between two parabolas representing earth at the utmost placement for the concentration of forces is evident.

So the mathematics inclusive to relate to the factors in science which always foretell a change in direction or a measurement of a dimension by vectors and an accompaniment to that would be string theory.


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