Mathematics for 2017

The usage of Hilbert Space to determine positioning in freeze frame and suspended animation of slow motion instant replay mechanisms and angles of observation

The usage of showing correct sequences of actions as related to manifestations of traits in DNA preformance of body systems recovery injury and stamina as well as force in physics such as acceleration velocity fulcrum pivots levers and mass.

The usage of the mathematics involved in brain reactions reflex actions response and movement decision making and recall guidance and planning as well as successful out comes that are corresponding and therefore related.

The usage of the figures being intertwined with the calculations and stresses of predetermination predictability and forecasting as well as the physics determinates for televised broadcasting due to light and communication

The usage of the mathematics to combine with a computational neuroscience interface for the brain to heal and retain it plascisity recall cognition memory and function in the repair of concussion any brain injury and any disease disorder illness or dysfunction


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