More Math for 2017

The usage of Pi r squared for the measurement of the radius of the earth the usage of Hilbert Space for the singling out of specific areas of holographic in time the usage of fractal geometry to investigate and comply with concentrations of the time zone powers in condensed form,the overall effect of moving forward or backward in time.

The measurement of the circumference of the earth with respect to IBM Watson quantum engineering and the measurement by coverage of geometrical means of the infrastructure the nature and the geology and oceans of the planet from pole to pole.

The measurement of mathematically constructed wormholes with the effect of time reversal on light communication and the elements visualizing supramolecular structures DNA and cells to distinguish any meaningful changes or mutations.

The mathematical configurations of parallels to counting to infinity and the determination of longevity in compounds and composites that could relate in transition genetically to immortality medicine and anti aging.

The overall mathematical formulas with calculations done for individuals undergoing time changes their circadian rhythms and overall stress test the beneficial effects of sleep and changes in nutritional intake as well as stress free peace of mind.


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