Math for coding

How would you code or something like a specific type of cancer?
A. that is by code of standard procedure to combat the ailment first of all you may want to break down deep medical data into compartment such as DNA genetics be operon mathematical physics applied to dotmatrix and geometry Hilbert space 3D Cartesian mapping the graphical analysis biology of animation illustration of exact anatomy specifications for the detailed analysis of SQL listing organs listing body types listing circulatory veins arteries blood type organs organelles cells DNA RNA configurations genetics and epigenetics signalling pathways biomarkers and protein interactions as well as chemotherapy chemistry including formulas for antibodies antibiotics antigens and antitoxins Ruby
B.Radiation and electroencephalograms ultrasounds MRIs and functional analysis in physics and mathematics should be considered in Python regarding metastasis mutations malignancy tumours tumourigenesis and mutations in specifics to haematology and oncology and including transplants and all known cancer medicines cures treatments therapy and prevention. Git


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