Application in time adjustment

Method of applying a photon calibrated from like intensity back in time or from the present or from the future to be calibrated with the clockwork function of the minute and hour hand on clocks be function of the photon to microscopically speed up or slow down the intensity of the mimic or our hands of the clock calibration of the photon being a quantum logic application with the photon being applied with its methods of reversal of a fax through teleportation to apply to the minute hand mechanisms or the hour hand of the clock the second hand of the clock The calibration of the photon and it’s teleported abilities through quantum entanglement through the effect of a miniaturized man-made wormhole in effect to produce the desired effect of transferred from one area of time to another the aspect of the technology used in looking at the beginning of the universe and the far ends of the universe and apply that logic to clock works for the teleportation and combining both to produce a method of time travel digital and original

Encapsulation of time travel in this case being assisted by holographic’s in holographic implementation expanse in the area of the room or area to coincide with the clockworks function collaborating with the function of photonic relay the quantum inference with to hyperbola wormhole sciences


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