Animation to Reality continued

For example 3-D replication and reanimation of a plane with cargo with fuselage with engines with cockpit the animated reference to the representation of the claim being in virtual reality be animation of the passengers according to their DNA the gestalt the personality their characteristics The determination of the mathematics involved in configurations mentally genetically reproductively the animated reference of the cellular structure the reproduction of new capabilities the complete restoration should and replication and reanimation abundantly The usage of this restoration to apply to robotics A.I. 3D printing holographically to apply to animated sequences to apply to be constructive capabilities of cellular capabilities of the reconstruction of a computerized compass it be animated structure being reconstructed to formulate plans for artificial intelligence for computerize sequences for synthetic beings reanimation and the completion of cellular DNA and molecular characteristics to complete a sequence of reproductive cloning and the animated sequence being transferred to reality by encompassing the
details the illustration and the overall knowledge of regenerative biology the restoration of foodstuffs medicines networks life support etcetera


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