Dr. Kathy Hoke
Professor of Mathematics
Profile Publications
My research interests lie in building mathematical models using techniques from discrete mathematics. I’ve studied models of games and voting and communication graphs. My current interests are in biological models, including analyzing DNA code using Markov chains and Hidden Markov Models. I am also involved with a collaborative team from University of Richmond, the VCU Center for Rehabilitation Sciences and Engineering (VCU-CERSE), and the McGuire Veterans Administration Medical Center studying quantitative approaches to identifying chronic mild traumatic brain injury in combat-exposed veterans.

I have worked as a co-principal investigator and/or administrator on several grants funding undergraduate research and work integrating mathematics and computer science with biology, chemistry and physics. These include Science Education grants from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), a grant from the National Science Foundation for the Mathematics LURE (Long-term Undergraduate Research Experiences) program and a grant from the Clare Boothe Luce Foundation for scholarships for women in mathematics, computer science and physics.

I worked with ten other colleagues in mathematics, computer science, biology, chemistry and physics developing a new integrated quantitative science course. This “supercourse” fully integrates the material currently in the first course of the major in each of these five discipllines, offering students a chance to more fully understand the connections between these disciplines and to learn how to approach problems from the perspective of multiple disciplines. Currently, I am involved with a “spin-off” course, SMART (Science, Mathematics, and Research Training), (insert link that offers to first year students a two-semester course that includes an integrated chemistry and biology part taught in conjunction with special sections of Calculus I and II that directly relate concepts of calculus to the biology and chemistry topics.

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Ph.D., University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
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207 Jepson Hall
(804) 289-8089
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