Mathematics behind the adrenal gland the multiplication when would the decision for the adrenal gland to not produced fluid the division of the fluid the subtraction of the fluid and the addition of or mobilities the addition of Cushings disease or in the opposite for Addison’s disease The calculation of function along the line set for a circle which represents a quantum dot or nanotechnology or a particle in some format to represent the creation of a molecule or atom that is predictable of persistent and has predetermination when it comes to the form and function of a body system or sell the addition of lysosomes or the precursors for transport within the cell through the Golgi apparatus true microtubules the proper additions for the cellular display of technology involved in mitochondria and the addition of adrenal so adrenal fluid to create a quick scenario for the flow of mitochondrial fluid throughout the body to except the brain and to accelerate reflex action


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