The aspect of mathematics in the calculation of midwifery and the aspect of childbirth in hematology and oncology of the look in the delegation of tasks for the doctor to overcome in the ongoing fight for the health of the infant and the mother just stational diabetes the aspect of cancerous regions breast cancer ovarian cancer cervical cancer and the aspect of passing on the cancer to the input to metastasis to the umbilical cord the aspect of having a healthy outcome to pregnancy and having cancer the aspect of life giving properties of medicine for pre birth new born and infants children toddlers and teens The aspect of mathematical calculation of the development of metastasis in the passageways of the placenta the development of metastasis wrote the mother the development of metastasis truly breastmilk the development of the test system brain cells of the development of metastasis in the ovaries cervical cortex and the prostate gland of males the aspect of cancer development throughout mail heredity real female heredity and the aspect of infantile paralysis if the tile sense and infantile just stational diabetes as well as diseases manifestations of illnesses and symptoms which infants must be placed in the incubator for safety control over disease states


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