The correlation of division of the properties of dividing of the ability to create a quick scenario between nutrition and digestion in gastroenterology and nutrition the division between nutrition and waste the division between bowel excrement and nutritional additive to the body and the difference between the physical movement of the bowel and the stomach digestion weight of a person as well as the nutritional intake great of the person or the patient being examined the ability for the mathematical constraint to call Daratt to listen to additions of nutrients to subtractions of waste matter and the ability to multiply the effect of proteins enzymes and nutritional aspect of foodstuffs being added to the persons diet to cell structure and to be distributed throughout the body the mathematics of the correlation between the addition of additional constraints or allowances to show the correlation between cellular structure of the ingestion of foodstuffs enzymes microscopic criteria that is allowed for the digestion of microscopic do you have a RNA and protein synthesis the overall aspect of creating the quick scenario for the body to ingest foodstuffs and turn them into energy such as the foodstuffs for mitochondria the power plants of our muscles


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