Mathematical timing

T,he correlation between the conic mapping and the circular structure being the combination of both to navigate to pinpoint to accurately detail movement and to Coincide with the accuracy of inner measurements mathematical identify two structures of geometrical shapes within the body such as medication such as cellular structures such as a function of reliability between the direction of matters within structures that could create great detail and accuracy when it comes to calculation and the functioning level of what it comes to the description a diagnosis of diseases we curtailing of illnesses at the battle of cancers existent and predetermined The determination that the circles within the triangles within the squares can act as pinpointing measurements for Conic mapping in the XY axis and the comic mapping can act as a site for diagnosis sites for pinpointing details of body composition and for observing the natural world of nature be over all aspects of having visuals that kids can point of zero in on a detail up to the microscopic level and correspond with nature at its extreme actualities by detailing the power sources behind the nature itself calculated how to buy computer for of energy sources for rain drops from snowflakes from ice regions for lakes from rivers from Seas from oceans from air currents from winds from falling leaves from the energy created by the changing of the seasons from the development of a mountain from the depth of the deepest cave the energy resources within the planet to translate to energy resources for Man’s consumption


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