Mathematics to avoid chimeras development

The description of details of the intricate design of possibilities involved in bloodwork stem cells the possibilities of pheromones the design of scaffolds of reproductive cells of plasma of details of DNA RNA of proteins of tissue of muscle of circulatory systems of organs of heart rate a brain and brain tissue of connectivity of synapses of neuronal spikes of neonatal tendencies of the possibility of the invention of an artificial and barrel umbilical cord attachment for the proliferation of stem cells in a life-giving Tendency for reproductive cells to put the freight and become a growing infant to become the host for previous criteria The mathematics involved in the Tatian of life giving tendencies in the adaptation of proper measures for the proliferation of life in the infant and the delegation of the life-giving source for the holding of the microscopic criteria which make up the form of individual particle ghost ;the host being the new individual supported by the mechanisms which made up the particle ghost the new host would be supported by those individual parts and be continuously fed information and microscopic particles to contrive and conceive the blending and be functioning of rebirth


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