Math described

So the mathematics calculations would be able to correspondent equally to medications pharmacology and treatment in nanotechnology a nano medicine banana medicine being compliant and coherent and consistent with any calculation or mutation in math and science in biology that the calculation of mathematics would have the calibration of consistency in the perfection of geometry instead of having a model of mathematics that follows pharmacology ecology that follows the intricate design of mathematical formula physics correlations biological molecular biology and chemistry equations exact into detail the pharmacology or nano medicine would correlate and correspond to every mathematical calculation that there is in the equation or formula all the changes on the mutations of the differences in calculation mathematically would be followed by the pharmacology as the smart nano medicine would deployment different areas that needed calculation of medicinal Relief as corresponded to mathematical coronation that is needed so in order to reverse stage one cancer just stage zero cancer mathematics would be deployed to find out the calculations and proper procedure for that math to render the cancer to stage zero mathematically now the pharmacology or the nano medicine would comply fully to that mathematical formula deploying needed attributes at different areas as it will be multifaceted and have dexterity in the area of deployment according to mathematical potential


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