Math to start

The correlation of mathematics due to its intrinsic design of calculating numbers counting addition subtraction multiplication and division due to the calculations of characteristics do to algebra three the Cartesian
mapping graphing geometry and fractions be collaboration between finding the point on the line that is measurable and cohesive with area perimeter and conic mapping the intrinsic designed to calculate predictions by utilizing Tangents to the line utilizing triangulation triangles a conic mapping utilizing the potential of circles squares parallelograms and rhomboids and calculating within that extremity a microscopic potential for a drug for part of the year they are in a microscopic quick. Within the body for a physics calculation of a hologram due to
Quantum theory of qubits and entanglement
The correlation of the medication or a nano technology product of national medicine that corresponds to the mathematical correlation of changes due to mathematical calculations be intrinsic design of the medicine is to apply to multifaceted techniques of multi propositioned and proposed medicines that react to mathematical signature calculation and difference be possibilities of creating the quick scenario for changes due to mutations changes due to body composition or two body temperature as well as ingestion of foods changes due to condition of disease or condition of consciousness changes due to body position as well as homeostasis


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